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The streets department maintains approximately 14 miles of roads which includes spraying for weeds, street sweeping, striping, crack repair & sealing, pothole repair, street sign installation & repair and removal of vegetation overgrowth to comply with our Sidewalk Obstruction Policy, scroll to the end of this page to view the entire Sidewalk Obstruction Policy.

The streets crew is responsible for snow removal as per the District's Snow Removal Policy. Plowing normally begins after snowfall accumulations of 4 inches or more in depth. Most snow and ice control operations will commence in early morning weekday hours in response to anticipated peak vehicle trips. Our first priority is to keep the primary streets clear and open for everyone's safety.

Snow and Ice Control Priorities:

  • Stage One: North/South Sunridge, Mica, Haystack, Smoketree Ave., Plymouth Drive, Vista Grande Blvd. from Plymouth Drive to Jacks Valley Road and Silverado Dr. from Park View to Jacks Valley Rd.
  • Stage Two: All remaining residential streets, cul-de-sacs (where snow is piled in the middle) and parking lots.'

We ask that you plan your route accordingly. It is the District’s policy that property owners or their designee are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property. When 4" or more has accumulated, we will plow every street down and back to open the road up, once all roads have been opened and the storm has stopped we will begin widening all streets. There may be a certain amount of snow deposited in driveways or sidewalks during plowing regardless of whether they were cleared before the arrival of a District plow. We understand how upsetting it can be to residents who have shoveled their walks and driveways only to have the District come along and cover them up. However, our first priority is to keep the streets clear and open for everyone’s safety.

        To view the entire snow removal policy scroll to the end of this page and click on the link.

The District contracts out some services such as construction of ADA compliant wheelchair ramps. Other contract services are roadside crack, curb, gutter and sidewalk replacements.

Cleaning Storm drains with Vacuum Truck.

Spraying for weeds.

There are numerous reasons that each of us have chosen to live here,  some of the top reasons include our friendly neighbors, the beautiful surroundings of the historic Carson City to our north, the Carson Valley to our south and Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains to our west.

This spring, in an effort to develop the attractiveness of the Indian Hills GID and to improve relationships among neighbors, IHGID staff and Douglas County Code Enforcement will be partnering to ensure that basic code requirements are met on the properties in the GID.  By following the basic codes of Douglas County, not only do we help maintain the livability of IHGID but a number of benefits arise.  These include increasing property values, reducing crime, and promoting more healthy and safe neighborhoods.

The following are some of the things that we will be observing:

Garbage - Store in proper trash receptacles and remove from property on a regular basis.

Junk- Get rid of it, keep it in the garage or store it in your rear yard screened with a 6 foot solid fence.  Never keep it in the front yard or driveway.

Unregistered or junk vehicles
- Remove them, store them in a garage or in a rear yard with a 6 foot solid fence.

RVs, utility trailers, boats, etc. - Store in a garage or in a rear or side yard with a 6 foot solid fence.

Dead grass and weeds - Keep your yard mowed below 10 inches.  Remove all dead vegetation from your property, including trees. Some other things that you can do to keep your neighborhood looking nice include:
Maintaining landscaping including pruning vegetation away from sidewalks and keeping yards free from piles of debris which can harbor rodents and other vermin, repair broken fences, windows, doors, siding and roofs, remove garbage cans from the curb as soon as possible after pick up. Store them out of sight.

Get to know your neighbors. If they are elderly or need help, lend them a helping hand. Together we can make Indian Hills an even better, safer, and nicer place to live.


Snow Removal Policy  SnowRemovalPolicy 2010P01.pdf
Sidewalk Obstruction Policy  Sidewalk Obstruction Policy 2010P-02 .pdf