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Resolution 2010R-02 Intent to Issue Water Bonds, Publications of Notices

Resolution 2010R-01 Issuance of Securities Notification to Douglas County DMC

Resolution 2009R-03 Amend the Monthly Service Rate Charged for Water Service

Resolution 2009R-02 Adopt Board Norms and Procedures for Meetings

Resolution 2009R-01 Amend the Monthly Service Rate Charged for Sewer Service

Resolution 2007-03 Support Douglas County's Master Plan Amendment

Resolution 2007-02 Budget Revisions FY 2006-2007

Resolution 2007-01 Water and Sewer $2 Mil Bond

Resolution $2 Mil Bond Notice Intent to Issue Water and Sewer Bonds

Resolution 2006-02 to amend the monthly sewer service rate

Resolution 2006-01 Amend Parks & Recreation Policy

Resolution 2005-02 Professional Services

Resolution 2005-01 Emergency Lift Station

Resolution 2004-08 Budget Augment FY 04-05 Budget

Resolution 2004-07 Opposing Douglas County Redevelopment Area #1

Resolution 2004-06 (2005 Legislative Session-Chartering a new city)

Resolution 2004-05 Budget Augmentation 2003-2004

Resolution 2004-04 Purchase Agreement VACCON

Resolution 2004-03 to amend the monthly water service rate

Resolution 2004-02 EFFD Insurance Service ISO Rating

Resolution 2004-01 EFFD Fire station